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The Financial Benefits and Risks of HostGator Coupons

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Like all discount offers, a HostGator coupon is a marketing tool to attract new customers away from the competition of other host server providers. Once that customer has been attracted, that person needs to be secured for as long as possible. Hence, the SPRING 20% off discount that can entitle the customer to 20% off their monthly host service provider bill for the entire length of the initial contract order. Obviously, the longer the initial contract, the more money overall will be saved. A six-month contract would give you a 20% discount for each month for six months. Whereas, a thirty-six month contract will mean 20% off the monthly bill for thirty-six months.

However, the risks associated with long-term contracts such as this, are that it can be very hard to terminate a contract should you be unhappy with the service provided or find a better offer elsewhere from another host provider. Usually, there is a financial penalty for terminating a contract early. However, as the majority of customers do not change their host server, this risk may be negligible.

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