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May 6th, 2011 Comments Off

Eating Differently With the Fat Burning Furnace

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Of the lessons that the Fat Burning Furnace offers to aspiring dieters, changing the times and how many meals we eat is a major quotient to create a potential fat burner of a body. The accepted practice of eating three meals a day isn’t necessarily the right format. Our portion sizes tend to grow and the result is weight gain.

The “Furnace” plan looks to debunk this cycle, by adding more meals per day. By eating five and even six times a day in smaller portions and light meals, you are training your body to function better over time, without the hour-to-hour spikes in energy and lethargy. Just as important to eating the right foods is when and how you eat that food.

Many of our habits are ingrained from years of misinformation as well as change in lifestyle. As we have grown as a civilization so too has our appetite. By redefining how best to fuel ourselves for proper metabolic function we can better understand how to burn fat effectively and achieve an optimum fitness level.

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